Before I left for my trip I was eager to return home to my new Bikram routine.  With summer upon us many people don’t practice Bikram due to the heat and humidity and really people prefer to be outside doing fun things.  With this in mind they decided to make it available for everyone to practice every day first thing before it got too hot outside.  They are running 6am classes every day Mon-Fri with Sat and Sun at 7am.
This is so great for me. I can start my day  in the Bikram studio and finish my day on my mat home doing my home practice.  On sunny days I’ll be outside doing fun things and walking and the gym will be in my rear view mirror for a few months.  However, I will still meet with my trainer and that is in a gym so it isn’t that far in my rear view mirror!

What I’m noticing is that when I got home I had a wonderful new flexibility and I was desperate to keep that flexibility now with daily yoga I’m able to keep it.  I love starting my day in the Bikram studio, it gets my
heart rate up and gets me sweating and then I have all day to just take in the glory of what I did.  My practice is coming along and I’m progressing every time I’m in there.  Certainly, there is benefit to practicing 3 times a week but to practice 6 or 7 pushes the body and mind even farther faster.

Some of my fellow yogis have commented that I had a certain relaxed glow about me when I came back from my trip and I’m still holding that glow.  They would contribute it to the yoga and the cleaner diet I’m eating.  I agree but also add in the happiness and contentment I feel. Before I left I was truly stressed, with my new mind set and the ability to refocus during yoga I don’t feel so stagnate in my professional life.  I was feeling stagnate at the gym standing on the elliptical machine for 60 minutes also. I have let that go and when the weather turns cold again I’ll use the elliptical or not.  Some people believe all you need is yoga to be healthy your entire life. I understand that philosophy to an extent. I need to get my heart rate up daily which I
can do with yoga but I do believe I need the weight training. 

Perhaps in my near future I will be a total yogi and use that as my only form of exercise and see what happens to my body.  I’m preparing myself for a 30 day Bikram challenge but I want to make sure I’m mentally prepared.  Being able to get in there 7 days a week is very different then signing a challenge form and having to get in there 7 days a week to fulfill an agreement.  It is all mind games but don’t understate
the power of the mind.


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