As you know I have spent the last several days blogging about my trip so I have been home now awhile and so many things have changed for me. First of all, I’m extremely happy to be home. My husband was so happy to see me and just wanted to hear everything I had experienced. I was reliving it all over again with him and then I got to relive it again as I transcribed my journal into my blogging. What a therapeutic transition this has been.

    My husband is really embracing the new recipes I brought home and we signed up for a crop share from our local farmer so every week we get a surprise bag of vegetables and we make our new recipes from. Adding the simpler diet into our lives as really made cooking enjoyable again as we discuss our options and find recipes and talk about how they will turn into our lunches the next day for work.

     I have incorporated daily yoga into my life, this means that I’m either doing Bikram, vinyasa or my home practice every day and sometimes I do more than one on any given day. I have decided cardio isn’t all that important to me right now but I still have my personal training so I still incorporate weight training in there also. I just came to realize that when I don’t beat on my joints they seem to feel so much better.

     I’m having a hard time transition back into real life; I just recently turned on the TV and honestly could only watch it for about 15 minutes and had to go do something else. I became very fond of the music I heard at Kripalu and bought some CD’s as well as listening on Pandora and even found a similar sound on XM radio called spa. I’m slowly transitioning into listening to my old favorite music but right now I want the peace and calm I find in groups like WAH. I haven’t sat down to watch any news or even read our papers yet. I’m still in my life is good mode and there usually isn’t a lot of uplifting stories on the news these days. Eventually I will have to completely transition back and get informed again but right now I’m just not ready.

    Some days I do not want to put a face on or do my hair or even add jewelry to my attire, there was a certain comfort I felt in my yoga attire. I cannot wear yoga attire to work and while I’m at work I’m the same old me only a little less worried about outside interferences and when I’m home I get to go into my purer form. One thing I realized on this trip and as you have read in previous blogs I’m not religious but I found this entire spiritual side of me that has completely intrigued me. I have realized and probably always known, but I am such a small molecule in this large world and as I really look around at what surrounds me most of it is beautiful and the stuff that isn’t is just as small as I am in many cases smaller. I’m embracing this spiritual side of me and although I don’t know how I’m going to incorporate it I’m just exploring it right now.

      I will end my yoga retreat series by saying, thank you for reading and hopefully you saw some things that interested you and even if you didn’t it was fun for me to write and relive the experience all over again. Namaste.

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