I have so many emotions this morning. The air is thick with humidity but there is coolness as well, and it is just so beautiful here. I am anxious to get home to tell my husband all the details of my trip but also ready to start my new practice at home and integrate a new kind of life for myself. I have fresh eyes and a fresh mind as well as an incredibly strong body. This body did amazing things this past week and I want to keep it going.

I’m sad to leave this place, leave behind the people I met here and I truly met some great new friends. I’m sad to be leaving behind this lifestyle for fear I will go back to my old life complete with stress.  I’m sad to leave behind the clean diet I experienced and fearful I will return to my old habits. Finally, I’m sad to leave behind the daily yoga practice.  Nothing says I can’t duplicate these things in my life and with my new found love of simplicity and strength I have every intention of having a new life at home.  My husband is supportive of all things helpful to me. I don’t have children that might interfere with a life change for me and my work allows me flexibility to establish some new guidelines in my life.

Reality is that I’m my own obstacle if I do it I will do it and if I don’t then I’ll go back to the way life was before I entered Kripalu. As far as lives go mine is pretty good but there are always some changes that can be
made along the way and new habits to be formed.  I need to reduce my stress or re-channel the stress when it does enter my life and make changes to for how to deal with before it even gets there. I need to eat cleaner foods, my diet is pretty good but I can reduce some things like sugar and there is always the need for more vegetables.  Who can eat too many vegetables?  Before I arrived here I was eating dairy but when I get home I’m going to give that one some thought.  I didn’t need it while I was away so do I really need it at home?
I had meat once while I was here and although it tasted very good I don’t know that I need it all the time.  There are just some things I’m giving more thought too now as I think about packing my stuff and heading home.


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