Some people may look at this schedule and say no way that is not vacation. However, if structure is your liking that is perfect.  Everyone in my Kripalu group traveled here alone. We have connected really well as a group and are having our meals together as well as meeting for non-scheduled activities as a group also.

My room-mates all chose the R&R program here which is no schedule, do what you want and enjoy the amenities of Kripalu. Sometimes my room-mates would ask what I had planned for the day and as I told them I could see them thinking that they didn’t know  what they were going to be doing that
day.  Some of the other people staying at Kripalu were interested in our agenda as well, which made me think that the R&R program wasn’t structured enough for some people.  They cater to everyone’s needs around here you just have to decide what kind of retreat you are wanting to experience.

For me my day is so packed and structured that I can’t guess when I’m going to eat lunch I already know I have to eat between 1-1:30pm, no guessing and on wondering who I might be seeing at lunch since my whole group also has the same schedule they will be there too.  The funny thing is that as a group we are bringing other people in as well, like room-mates, people we meet along the way and the group gets a little
bit bigger each day.  The R&R people know we will be at lunch and if they want someone to sit with they have us. I am making some key friends around here.

I like the structure; however, if I came back with my husband I might do the R&R with him since I would already know my way around and know the amenities to choose from.  My husband isn’t so structured and probably wouldn’t enjoy being handed an agenda for his week’s vacation. However, I’m certain he would enjoy the nutritional classes, cooking classes, and massages.


Kirtan yoga is a type of chanting meditation that is very soothing to listen to but not one I enjoy participating in. I did participate in a few chants to try it out and reflect on it. I decided I wanted to be an observer in this
activity instead. It was actually extremely beautiful and made me want to explore it further.  I decided to take a workshop the following day strictly on Kirtan to find out more.

During the evening Kirtan where I was a spectator as we were sitting there in the Main Hall which is the largest room at the campus and also was the chapel many years ago, the lights are down low, windows and doors opened, Mother Nature began to sing with us. The storm was magnificent, the lightening and crashing thunder were all part of this amazing experience. I think Mother Nature was just enjoying herself and
wanted us to know she was there and participating with us.

The electrical equipment went haywire but we still kept chanting. The lights flickered but we kept chanting, the props blew over from the forceful winds and the rain poured through the windows but we kept chanting. Minutes after the program ended the lights went out completely and we were in the dark.

I was headed to bed but when you don’t know where you are going and have no flashlight it was
eerie. I didn’t sleep well either maybe because I was wondering when the electricity would be back on.  I know, why worry about lights when you sleep in the dark, but it was just the idea that I was in a
strange place with no electricity. Either way my yoga class starts at 6:00am with or without electricity.  We don’t need lights to do yoga.


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