The theme for one of my yoga sessions was “feeding the wolf” and which wolf to feed.  Whichever one gets fed will win.  Inside all of us we have 2 sides the impatient, stressed, easily aggravated and maybe even anger and then our good wolf is the patient, compassionate, generous, calm and perhaps peaceful. In every situation we decide which wolf to feed. If we are agitated do we feed that wolf or do we look deeper and find
the good wolf and feed her instead.

The instructor for this class who decided on this theme said she was anxious about running late to teach and it was 6:00am. My first thought was she is human and even a yoga instructor at a place like this can be stressed. If she can feel stress no wonder the rest of us feel stress so often.  She said she fed the good wolf and ended up getting here on time.

As I go along in my day running from activity to activity I’m finding that I’m still doing it with a certain calm and when I am deep in a yoga posture with discomfort I’m still in calm. In fact, I went to my next yoga
class thinking I was going to get a particular instructor that I was really looking forward to practicing with and it ended up being an instructor I have already had and didn’t care for much.  My first thought was to leave the room and find a different class but I stopped and decided to feed the good wolf.  In doing so I had a great practice and really liked this instructor. I have the opportunity to stop and decide moment to moment what wolf I want to feed, the good wolf or the bad wolf and whichever I decide will win.  This is good
lesson for my everyday life and a concept I’m holding on to and practicing at home.


So far I have had yoga and breakfast and on my way to circuit training, yoga dance another kayak trip and finishing with vigorous yoga.  As I write I am feeling like it looks like a lot but honestly it is the right consistency of working out, stretching, having fun and having a little down time to write or read or even rest.


Where do I start with yoga dance? First off I have never even heard of yoga dance but one can only assume by the name that you would be dancing and breathing and doing yoga moves.  You have a clear picture of yoga dance now.

The thing that sets it apart from other types of yoga or dancing for that matter is that somehow you leave all inhibitions at the door and you become a dancer.  I’m talking about the dancer mind we all have that Nigel
Lithgow wants us for “So You Think You Can Dance” and will be calling anytime now to book you for the show kind of dancer.  I felt so liberated and so open to the idea of dancing wildly and not very well.  Only in my mind was I terrific, I didn’t notice what others were doing and didn’t care if they knew what I was doing.  Hell I didn’t even what I was doing some of the time.

To be that free without judgment for 60 minutes was the best therapy. I went with a group of 5 women and we have all decided we are coming back tomorrow for more yoga dancing.  I didn’t stop smiling the whole time and left there totally sweaty and laughing.  Even or should I say especially the shy need to try this.  It gives you a level of confidence and since you can’t see yourself you just feel pretty.

Very quickly I want to elaborate on that feeling pretty statement.  Since I have been here I have been wearing spandex, tank tops, ponytails with headbands, zero make-up and although I’m clean I look like I’m spending 10 hours a day doing fitness, oh wait, I am spending 10 hours a day doing fitness.  However, even looking like this I have noticed that I’m walking taller because I need more space for my breath and my body is holding up remarkably well. I had a moment where I came out of a yoga class and my body did things I didn’t even know it could.  I was so deep into postures and had the strength to hold postures, as well; my shoulders are enduring many hours of downward facing dog without pain.  As I was walking down the hall I just wanted to call my husband and tell him I feel beautiful.  His response of course was you are beautiful, and I said no wait, I feel beautiful.  There aren’t many times in my life that I honestly feel beautiful. This day I felt strong, healthy, and beautiful and honestly felt like my life had changed.


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