Day 2 and it is 6am, besides a few people meandering to the sanctuary or going early to the yoga
room to centered themselves it is quiet around here. I haven’t seen any walkers out yet or anyone making their way down to the lake.  The lake is still quiet so even it hasn’t awoken yet, but it won’t take long.  The lake is gorgeous and happens to be a spring fed lake therefore the temperature is a bit too chilly for my liking.  This is the type of lake I will be on in a kayak but not in it swimming.  I only swim in warm waters.

My stomach is grumbling for food but I have yoga to attend to first. I have chosen moderate this beautiful, peaceful day since I want to ease into daily yoga life but gentle yoga maybe too gentle for me right now.

As I sit here and write more stirring is going on, more people are moving around. I am guessing that there are several people that will awaken moments before the first yoga class start and rush in the door to find their places and their balance. Many will not be seen until breakfast and I’m sure even a few will sleep through that.  This place accommodates you and what you need so if rest is it they say take it. If routing
is more your style they have it and if a combo of the two is suitable then build it yourself.  I am finding a peaceful place with in myself as I do my writings and as I anticipate the coming day.


This morning after a 90 minute session of yoga and some breakfast we headed out for our first 2 hour 3.5 mile hike. I have been on a few hikes in my life but this by far was the most breath taking literally and figuratively.  The first part of the hike is straight up, no doubt in your mind, heart, lungs and legs that you are headed up an incline but once you get to the first resting point the view is amazing. You are looking at the
lake and the gardens and all mother nature has to offer.

There are black bears here so we do some periodic Om’s to let them know we are here as though they can’t hear the panting and gasping of air from 10 middle aged people. I think they know they can either run away if they are afraid of us or perhaps they know we are so slow they could eat us if they wanted to.  I used poles for the first time on a recommendation of our instructor. She offered to carry my water and said I should
try them once in my life.  Now I’m hooked and will get some poles for my future hikes .l They gave me a level of confidence especially on the downhills that I’m usually lacking.

I wasn’t tired when we were done but I was hungry.  Problem is lunch is still 2 hours away. The good news is I don’t have time to think about being hungry because I have a lot more activities to attend to today, next on the agenda is learning to breath.


Who knew I had to learn to breath? Everyone in the group had to re-learn to breath.  Yes we all breath, every moment of every day we are breathing with no concerns, questions about it, or deciding whether or not to do it, it is an involuntary response to living that our bodies naturally do without hesitation.  The problem is that most of us just breath with the upper lungs. This is only using about 20% of our lung capacity when we still have another 80% sitting idol.  Doing yoga and especially Bikram I have had to learn to use all my lung capacity and use my diaphragm to get enough air in and out to sustain my yoga and Bikram work outs.  In essence I have already been taught to breath deeply and expand the lungs however, here they really explain it and show what happens when you breath with different areas of the lungs.

We even went outside to demonstrate this new breathing concept by walking up one long incline we did the walk just breathing like we normally would and most of us were mouths open needing air.  Then they showed us how to breath keeping our mouths shut the entire time and only breathing in and out through the nose while taking in a enough air to fill the entire capacity of our lungs and letting all the air out again before even taking another inhalation.  It made such a difference when we got to the top of the hill again.  Slow, methodical breathing can really help in those strenuous situations. Also, when you breath like that
your endurance to keep going in the activity is easier. We are going to practice this concept of breathing again in circuit training.  I have a nice balance of flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular training here.


The chef prepares a buffet of organic whole foods with a common ingredient or a common type of food. For breakfast this morning I had oatmeal and a gluten-free pancake made with their pure maple syrup it was wonderful and yes there is always fresh organic fruit to be had. Hard boiled eggs are available and make for good snacks after work out sessions like circuit training. I do feel hungry since I’m use to snacking and
they believe 3 small yet well rounded meals are good.  I’m having fresh squeezed lemonade or cold pressed apple cider when I really feel like I need something to eat and it isn’t near a meal. Like right now I just finished circuit training for 90 minutes and I have 90 min of yoga then dinner. 

I’m sitting outside writing for a few minutes enjoying my apple cider before I head into yoga.  I love the peaceful time by myself.


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