I am lucky enough to be spending the next week with 9 other wonderful people. This group of people are so unique and  everyone has their own story and most of them are worth listening to a couple of times.
The entire group was women except one man. He was wonderful and dealt with the women in the group marvelously.  He is from New Jersey and left behind a wife and 2 boys that he misses greatly but needs this
time to reconnect with his yoga-self and get back into a fitness routine.  We have a woman fighting cancer and just went into remission in Feb so she is treating herself to some time away and a new outlook.  There is a woman from NY who bikes everywhere and is getting ready to travel Italy via bicycle and wanted some R&R before she went so she signed up for a yoga and fitness retreat, that makes me laugh.  We have a female General Colonel who is teaching our future service men and women and this woman is a delight.  She has a
liberal mind with a military profession.  This is not a concept I run into ever so it was refreshing to to see it is possible.

We have a doctor amongst us who is not happy with her body and needs a mind shift.  We have a wonderful woman with us that is here to detox. This place removes caffeine, sugar, salt and alcohol so she had a
friend drop her off therefore not having a car to be able to go into town for her vices.  She is already having a tough time after a couple of hours but I think that has more to with the thought not the actual detox taking effect yet.

The youngest amongst us is a woman from Ontario who just got back from a month long trip to Nepal and wants to continue to yoga connection.  A woman is here who is training to be a yoga instructor at another
facility and her guru thought it would be a good idea to check out Kripalu. Lastly is a woman from Cambridge MA who has all kinds of stories to tell, very nice but not able to tell who she is and it
doesn’t sound like she knows herself well yet either.


The young people I was compared to is a large group of men and women in their twenties. I
did a little ease dropping as a group of young people sat in front of me at orientation the other night. They are here for the “Quarter Life” session. A way to find out who you are in your twenties and what you want to do with your life through the benefit of yoga.

There are 5 young men here that their mother’s persuaded them to come. I don’t know their
stories but I think it is sweet they would show up at a place like this for a week because their mother’s asked them to. Their mother’s are also probably paying for this trip for them and enticed the boys with the idea of young beautiful girls also in their twenties trying to find themselves.  What a concept.


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