Yesterday Mother Nature decided that summer was really here.  It was 78 degrees by the time I stepped out of the gym at 9am and I knew that it was going to be a perfect day for kayaking.  I rushed home to tell my husband we had to load up before everyone woke and decided the same thing.  We take kayaks out on the lake so we can relax and enjoy nature, however many people take big motor boats out and although I don’t begrudge them their fun I do find their loud motors a bit distracting.  Also, since it is harder to see us they tend to fly by us at high speeds which makes me nervous.

We loaded up the kayaks and I grabbed my book, water and snacks and off we went. Did you notice I didn’t say suntan lotion.  I completely forgot about it and I don’t know if I wasn’t thinking in terms of bright sun and sunburns or if I unconsciously thought my Lilly white skin could use some color or what happened but today I look like a lobster’s sister.  My skin is screaming and cursing at me and I feel like I really did damage to it.

Back to the good stuff, we got to the lake which is very close to our house and a carry in only place so we parked and took our kayaks down to the water.  We have the Hobie which have a drive shaft so you actually use your feet to pedal instead of your arms to paddle. This way our hands are free for fishing, reading, whatever we need to do.  They are also very sturdy so we can stand for brief periods of time which I need to
stretch out my lower back, knees, and hips.  We can carry coolers of water, food, or my husband’s favorite, fish bait.  The day is ours to do what we want.  My favorite time is after he has had a chance to go
off and fish a bit while I meander behind him reading and enjoying the air he will come back and tether up our kayaks so we are actually attached.  He calls it our “flotilla” and we talk about anything and everything.  Sometimes our conversations are about serious life things and other times they are about meaningless things but they are our conversations and  I love having them. 

We spent a few hours out there and since our kayaks don’t look like everyone else’s we do get stopped a lot and asked questions.  Whether we are getting in the water, off the water or on the water.  They are nice enough not to bother my husband when he is deep in fishing mode.  It is a type of religion or spiritual moment for him being out in nature and spending time on the water.  He is very careful with the fish and always throws them back.  My husband loves to be nature and I love to be with him in his tranquil element.


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