I love the 3 “H”’s and will take hazy hot and humid any day.  I spend so much time in the winter complaining about being cold and not being able to feel my fingers that I wait for the days when it is so sticky outside that
just walking to the mailbox makes me warm and sweaty.  The hotter the better for me and I honestly mean that.  I don’t use any air conditioning in my car or my home, although we really don’t need it in Maine but believe it or not on the news they are telling people to get the A/C units out for Monday since we will hit a whopping 89 degrees.

I will be outside in my kayak with my book reading and enjoying the fact that as long as my hands don’t get wet I shouldn’t have Raynaud’s.  This time of year I can back off of my Niacin, procardia and even fish oil but I may just keep the fish oil as a daily supplement since it has such good benefits other than helping with Raynaud’s.  My hands enjoy the fact that they don’t deal with discoloration or numbness but when the heat
comes the swelling comes.  No way around it for me, as soon as the humidity is in the air my already extremely swollen fingers get bigger.  I won’t complain about the heat and the humidity since the
rest of the my body is much happier with the heat but my hands are so swollen some days that I don’t wear rings and can barely make fists.  In the winter time they are swollen but not as swollen, the heat just
makes my sausage fingers expand.  Take the good with the bad and in the long run for my health, sanity, and just the fact I can be outside I’ll take hazy, hot and humid any day.


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