I’m blogging at the end of the day because I just had the perfect day today and wanted to share.  I woke up very early, earlier then normal and started by getting stuff done around the house.  As I walked into the gym when they opened a couple of people asked if I was going to take classes today.  My response was no that I wasn’t going to be here long since I was spending the day with my nephew.

I love having play dates and over night sleep overs with him.  He is still too young to really understand the relationship that is forming between us but when I have him all day at my house and he is napping here that means he is comfortable enough to fall asleep and wake up with worrying about where he is.  He is certainly getting very familiar with my voice and my husband’s voice.  It says something that I would give up work outs and other things to spend time with him.  I must admit my husband is a little bit jealous but my nephew is just a baby after all and needs everyone in his family to take care of him.  It takes a village and for the sanity of my brother and sister-in-law I am more then willing to lend a hand. 

The good news is that I get to see him again tomorrow.  However, tomorrow I share with my mother and sister which is why today was so important for me to spend time with him.  He enjoys coming to our house but he loves being at his house.  His little eyes light up when he sees his mom and dad which is just the way it should be.  I hope as he gets older he understands who I am and that we grow a special bond between us.
They are thinking about another one which then I will have two children to dote on and really looking forward to it.

Come Monday it will be about my husband and hopefully we will be in our kayaks talking about the wonderful weekend we had.  I love spending time with my family and especially my nephew but my favorite man in the world is my husband and it makes me extremely happy to be out on the water reading, fishing, and relaxing with him. Here’s to a great Memorial weekend.


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