Yesterday I wrote about being stuck inside and how much of a fair weather fan I am.  My husband is typically the same way but I guess he had enough of being cooped up too and on Sunday loaded up his kayak and off he went.  His philosophy is that the fish don’t care of it is raining.  The fish may not care but when you just sit in the rain it gets cold and annoying.

He came home sooner then he would have liked but he did come home with a smile on his face.  The idea that he was out there was inspirational to himself and frankly me as well.  He was very cold when he got home and although he did have gloves his hands were feeling it.  It made me realize that for me to just be fed up with the indoors it isn’t as easy just to head out in the rain, mist, downpour, whatever Mother Nature has
going on at that moment. 

I’m not saying I can’t go out in it I’m just saying for the sake of my hands I will need to plan carefully to ensure I don’t develop a severe case of Raynaud’s as soon as I step outside.  Also the cold and wet usually make my knees and hips a bit stiff and sore but I think with all the yoga that is not a problem for me these days.  I will start to plan an outing and figure out what I really want to be doing outside and just do it.  If I wait for Mother Nature to send us nice weather I could be waiting a long time.


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