Most everyone finds themselves struggling to stay motivated in some aspect or another.  My motivation is gone when it comes to going to the gym.  The machines just don’t appeal to me anymore and just the thought of climbing on an elliptical machine or arc trainer makes me cringe.  I’m so desperate to get outside and walk for miles and miles and miles but it has been raining here since April 1st.  Actually it snowed April 1st and then has been raining ever since. 

I wait so long all winter to stay cooped up in the gym knowing that when spring and summer get here it will be worth it and I can get outside again.  Granted I have been able to walk outside maybe twice since the beginning of April but that is not enough to keep me motivated.  If I didn’t have Bikram I would be in a real funk.  Right now I’m in a partial funk. I haven’t been able to do yoga as much as I would like but our lives
are unpredictable and the most important thing is to stay flexible and realize that life is forever changing and I will be able to yoga like I want again.  Sooner hopefully than later however.

The weight training is actually helping me when I do go to the gym but I can’t or shouldn’t weight train every day.  I have been thinking about hitting some classes again since sometimes being around other people doing the same thing can be motivating.  I need to do something to get out of the “summer is not here yet funk”

My mother finally had it with this weather and decided to just bite the bullet and head out to the golf course anyways. Sounds like a good idea until you realize that even though there is no lightening and technically it is safe to golf it isn’t fun.  The ground is so wet and muddy that she just ended up ruining her golf shoes and spraying herself in the face with water every time she sung the club at the ball.  We have been waiting a long time for sunshine and even at this point I wish I had a sunburn. Although I would regret those words later so I take it back. I would like a little color on my Lilly white skin but not a burn.  I would like to be outside doing something and I’m really ready to put the gym behind me for a few weeks and try my hand at
hiking, biking, kayaking and anything else that needs the outdoors to accomplish.


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