Don’t try and Google this because I did to see if I could get a better understanding of what happened to me at P.T this week and honestly a lot about fish and sharks came up.  I have seen a lot of things in the mirror but
never have I looked at myself and thought fish or shark. 

During my PT appointments I don’t exactly know what they are doing but I do know that I feel good during and after and they have helped me achieve a long run of being flare-up free so I don’t question their technique or methods. Usually for the hour we are talking books, movies, T.V or just general stuff.  This time he offered to tell me he was working on opening up my electro sensory nerves or at least that is what I
thought he was saying. Those are the cells associated with the nervous system and mine apparently felt pretty tight.

Integrative healing therapy is allowing the energy to flow easier throughout the body by touch and releasing blocks of energy or opening up areas where energy has gotten stuck.  Energy infuses everything from our bodies, to minds, spirits and based on all aspects of our lives from food, water, environment and everything else around us.  We are surrounded by energy as well as are energy and some believe that with illness,
autoimmune diseases and even cancers that opening up the passage ways for energy to flow evenly throughout our bodies helps us recover from these types of illness.

Fatigue is believed to be caused by not enough energy or oxygen so it makes sense that if my body is blocked and energy isn’t flowing well then of course I would be tired and dealing with fatigue.  I do deal with fatigue
regularly but somehow I always feel better the day after PT even if I was dealing with fatigue the day prior.  I am exhausted after my PT appointments which is kind of ironic considering I’m laying flat on a table doing absolutely nothing.  As it is told to me my body is working and working hard while I’m there so being tired afterward is typical.  This is why all my appointments are in the afternoon.


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