As my brother-in-law says “welcome to 2004” it is true that I have been very anti-social media and just recently decided to try and see what the hub-bub was about.  OK there is a lot of hub-bub to learn and yes even a bit fun. Once I got on line and started blogging I was thinking there must be other ways to reach people and although I have visited other forums I wasn’t as comfortable as just writing my own blog.

I had this idea that the internet was kind of a scary place and I had to stay confined to my daily websites for fear of bringing in nasty viruses to our computer systems.  My husband, being the IT guy said don’t worry about it and just do what you want within reason of course.  Please don’t send personal information through e-mails from people you don’t know or signing up for ridiculous give aways or other stuff like that and we’ll be fine.  I told him I wanted to start couponing as well.  Not the extreme couponing I’m seeing on TLC although I must admit I am intrigued by those people.  Although they do border on hording if you ask me but that is a whole different show isn’t it? 

To coupon you have to be able to get them from on line and I was noticing that a lot of coupons could come from face book directly.  At the same time I was investigating this I was also contemplating going on line and
connecting with family.  I have a lot in Nebraska as well as my sister is moving to Philly in June.  My brother and sister-in-law were saying that they were touch with the family and learning all kinds of things.  I still wasn’t sold until this weekend.  I don’t exactly know what was the turning point for me but I did break down
and sign up.  As it turns out my family was just as anxious for me to be on as I was to see what they were doing. 

My sister, who this concept was actually made for is already over it but she assures me she will stay connected to me when she leaves.  Right now we are spending a lot of time together and doing yoga together. I will miss her terribly but if I can see what she is up too daily it will make the transition easier.

She also wants to keep up with our nephew and watch him grow daily even if it is by pictures.  There is also “face time” which is such an incredible concept too.  The more I get into technology and the more my husband encourages me and reminds me this is just another outlet the more fun it becomes.  Blogging was the first link to my media confidence and it is just growing from there.  You won’t be seeing me on any extreme coupon show this year at least but I’m learning all kinds of social media things and finding it fairly interesting.


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