Once I started working out and getting serious about my food and calories as well as being on different medications my appetite has increased a lot over the years.  I don’t eat like a normal 38 year old woman. I watch as my friends and even some of my colleagues who just take a few bites of something and they are full. I don’t know exactly what that full feeling is.  I eat until I’m satisfied but even my satisfied feeling is many more calories than other people I know. 

At my family’s house this past weekend I was noticing that I eat more like my father and brother.  I should not be eating like a man ever but I’m feeling more aware of this now because my appetite as increased even more in the last month.  Some contribute it to my weight training and that it makes me hungrier to weight train but I would rather just be able to eat normally, feel full and keep my weight balanced.  My weight has
not changed since 2005 except for this past month. I have slowly seen it rise week after week, maybe a ½ lbs here or a lbs there.  I try to catch it quickly and adjust but this time I’m having a harder time.

I know my age will make it harder to maintain my weight and although some people say that muscle weighs more it should be taking up less room in my body therefore being a wash and keeping my weight the same.  I’m not upset by it but I would like to figure out why it is happening so I can do something about it now and not watch it increase even more.  It has been a long a time since I really went on a diet and I am not particularly looking to do that now but it sure was easier to just lose a pound or 2 without even really thinking about it and now they are kind of holding on.  I have been keeping a food journal for my
trainer but I think I need to have the nutrition talk with him and see where I’m going wrong.  Hopefully I’ll find I’m not going wrong anywhere but just need an adjustment here or there.


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