I had another training session on Friday morning.  On Thursday evening I was telling my husband that I would rather be entering the Bikram studio Friday instead of training. Dear hubby recommended that I put my time and money into yoga and get in my training on my own.  When I went to bed I totally agreed with him but then I got up Friday morning headed to the gym and remembered why I enjoy working with this trainer. He gives me great advice and really understands where I’m coming from as far as my joints and muscles go.  Due to the fact that I gain muscle slower than the average female walking in there he recommends different food ideas so that my muscles can grow and build from nutrition as well as weight training.

I was totally exhausted and so satisfied after the hour session with him.  As much as I love yoga and believe me I do, I also need the personal training sessions too. Now I just need to convince my husband that I need a bigger fitness budget to accommodate Bikram, hot vinyasa, gym memberships and personal training. Maybe someday insurance companies will see fitness and nutrition as prevented methods of illness especially in
people that have autoimmune diseases or other illness and see that the benefits of helping consumers pay for this type of stuff might actually help keep the cost of medical expenses down.  Perhaps there are actually insurance companies out there now that have that forward thinking and help their clients. I unfortunately don’t have that type of insurance and they would rather pay for expensive procedures instead of help with the prevented stuff.

My husband and I often joke that I probably need a part time job at the gym or at a yoga studio but then I’ll just be working and not enjoy the benefits of being a participant in the class.  Less time spending being active is not what I’m looking for.  I enjoy being active and it makes me feel good to know I can do what I want. There might come a day when I can’t and I will deal with that then, right now I’m eating up the idea being able to be as active as I want to be.

Speaking of active, during my weight training session I was working on chest presses and flies and my shoulders were cracking and popping.  I found out this is because there is not enough fluid in there.  That to me was shocking and downright ironic.  I have so much fluid throughout my body that I try daily to reduce it and here I find out I don’t have enough in my fragile joint area which is why I’m having trouble there in the first place.  The more I loosen them up and work my shoulders the more fluid I will build.  My daily activities now have me increasing fluid in my fragile joint areas while trying to reduce everywhere else.  What a weird concept.


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