The first 5K of the season is complete and it was so much fun.  It was truly a gorgeous day in Portland Maine. The sun was out, the temperature was a perfect 62 degrees, and everyone was accounted for and standing at the start of the race.  We had a stroller so we very courteously went to the very back of the line along with the other strollers and proceeded to wait for the gun to fire to alert us of the beginning of the race. 

I was so glad we were in the back with 3000 runners and walkers the place is a packed but it is such a beautiful sight to see all the moms out there celebrating their special day.  A part of the proceeds go to breast cancer research and awareness therefore there were also a lot of survivors there as well as people walking for their mothers, sisters, grand-mothers and so forth. 

Your time doesn’t actually start until you step on the start mat so we didn’t mind waiting patiently for our turn to the mat which took roughly 4-5 minutes and we weren’t breaking any records this year so as far as I
could tell things couldn’t be better. Once we hit the mat the time started and we were off, we completed the 3.2 mile 5k race in 51min and 52 seconds, walking of course.  It wasn’t a 15 min mile but it wasn’t 20 either.  My mother was feeling so good and her foot was holding nicely.  My nephew on the other hand had enough even before we hit mile 2. He no longer wanted to sit in the stroller and listen to girl talk, he no longer wanted to be anywhere near any walkers or other children. He was DONE.  Unfortunately for him we had to finish the race and he quieted down towards the end. As we were getting our water and mother’s day flowers a woman my mother knows approached her and commented on her beautiful family. My mother said she felt so good because her oldest daughter, (that would be me) puts this together every year and what a joy it is to be with all the women in the family and now her grand baby joins us.  I believe any time my mother can show off her family and brag just a bit it is such a wonderful feeling for her. I say show off mom and brag whenever because truth be told you do have a wonderful family and you are a wonderful woman.


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