Yesterday I was dealing with a high level of fatigue most of the day.  I took it easy during my morning Bikram class but even taking it easy does exhaust the body. I was already dealing with fatigue when I woke up but I haven’t been real motivated the last few mornings and again was not motivated yesterday morning either but I did get myself up and out early.  I’m guessing the fatigue is partly because of stress, illness and regular
MCTD stuff. 

I decided at lunch time to just head outside for some fresh air and nice walk around town.  It did help.  There is something about breathing fresh air and having a little sunshine on your face to help take away fatigue.  Granted it still only 50’s here so I did have to bundle up but it was worth it.  Sometimes breathing in stale gym air can figuratively knock the wind out of you and does nothing for fatigue or motivation.  I felt
like I could not bear going into a gym yesterday afternoon for those very reasons.  Fresh air does wonders for my mood, psyche, and truly does help fatigue. 

I’m hoping this fatigue decreases over the weekend but usually I just end up feeling better on the weekends and the new week gets here and I’m back to another high level.  I’ll deal with that as it comes next week.  This
weekend I’m focused on me, my mother, my family and enjoying our Mother’s Day 5K tomorrow morning.


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