I have many stress blogs in this mix but I can’t say it enough and it is probably more for me to constantly remind myself that stress plays such a big part in my life as far as feeling good.  When I’m stressed everything else is thrown out of whack.  I’m trying very hard this week to allow myself to recover so I don’t have the full blown bronchial issues I had before and part of me is stressing over that as well as stressing
over work.  It is so counter intuitive to be so stressed about feeling better that I actually put myself in jeopardy of becoming even more run down by the stress.

My husband just looked at me as if to say you know stress is your biggest trigger and yet you still put unwanted stress on yourself as well as not deal with the day to day stresses well and you expect to not get sick.  OK he did use some words and I read between the lines and the rest was all said with eye and eyebrow motions.  I know you know what I’m talking about.  There is a whole eye communication that everyone is aware of!!

He is right on so many levels and I am concerned about getting sick again and right now regular every day illnesses are what keep me up at night. It is such a phenomenon to me but I’m not worried about having a MCTD flare-up at this point I’m worried about catching something viral or bacterial and ending up sicker than if I just had a regular flare. My joints are so good except for some hand stuff and I’m working on that as well. I have gone 167 days without a MCTD flare-up and I don’t know how my body is doing it but thankfully it is.  The problem is that I’m allowing other things to get in the way of making me even healthier like this stress.

Some people think that because I’m in yoga all time how could I possible allow myself to get stressed.  That’s just it, I don’t stress when I’m in there and I am able to let all that outside stuff go but the minute I walk
out of there I’m just like everyone else dealing with the 100 things that need to be by lunch and the other 100 that need to be done by the end of the day not to mention the 150 that have to get done before I go to bed.  These daily stresses can wreak havoc on our already fragile bodies so I’m extra careful to keep stress at bay
when I can.  Not feeling well creates a bigger barrier for me to not being able to release the stress but this when I need to release it the most.  Deep breathing, hot baths, good books, sauna therapy, yoga it all works but for short moments in time.  I’m looking for the long term solution.


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