Call me a romantic or a sucker for an excellent show but I was hooked on the Royal Wedding Ceremony from the word go.  As soon as they announced the date and the fact that it was going to be on TV I knew I would be tuning into this piece of history in the making.  I love a good fairy tale and this was it.  It had the drama and intrigued and suspense as I waited with the other millions of people to see what her dress looked liked.

I know there is so much going on in the world right now and probably way more important than a couple of kids getting married but truly don’t we need a break from time to time to remember young love and enjoy a wedding or two along the way? I found it refreshing to sit and watch something on TV that actually made me smile.  This was a glorious day not only for those kids but their families and their 1000 friends.  Maybe they
should considering narrowing that down to who their closest friends will be in life. 

I remembered my own wedding day as I watched them and smiled thinking of my own memories.
Weddings are suppose to make us smile and cry and smile some more. We are suppose to envy the bride for a moment and remember our own day or day dream about a day that will come.  We are suppose to rejoice
the love of a couple and especially a young couple starting their lives together.  They will not be your typical couple by any means but it was still nice to take a little time and forget the tragedy and just live in the moment of love and history in the making.


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