I had a PT appointment and they said they felt respiratory issues but I couldn’t figure out where that was coming from since I was having no issues breathing or with my workouts and I certainly didn’t have a cough nor did I feel like I was coming down with something.  Fast forward 4 days from that appointment and my chest is tight and sore, the cough is back and already hurting my abs and ribs.  I am not sleeping because I
cannot breath and although I am working out I’m taking it easy.  I don’t feel down and out yet but I’m sure that is just around the corner.  I’m trying to fight it before I get to the down and out.
I’m being very strict about my diet and even if I feel like I need or want comfort food I’m not doing it. I need good nutritional food to keep my body going. I have also taken to drinking juice which I
hardly ever drink my calories but in this case I think a regular daily dose of unsweetened, high vitamin c juice is in order as well as a low sodium full of vegetables juice.  I’m not staying on this
regiment long term but I do need to make sure I get this bug out of my system soon.

I remember all too well what happened to me just a mere few weeks ago and no way am I walking into a walk clinic again looking for help with bronchitis, strep or anything else they may think I have.  I have learned my lesson and I really don’t want another antibiotic in my system at this point.  Good old letting it ride its course
would be better for me at this point.

I’m hoping some sauna therapy will help since I feel like I can’t breathe real well in Bikram right now.  I often wonder what they would do if I just put my mat in the back corner of the room and laid there for 90 minutes.  Part of me thinks that I have paid for the class so I should be able to do what I want with my 90 minutes but the other part knows that they rely on good energy to keep the class going strong and having
someone napping in the back is not good energy. It isn’t bad energy but it certainly wouldn’t motivate me.  Until they get a Bikram/napping studio I’ll just have to use the sauna instead and
hope I can sweat this thing out of me.


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