April is a very busy time for our families as it seems we have a lot of birthdays to celebrate and this year we are celebrating 2 huge ones. Yes the twins turning 14 was big, I’m not sure anyone including us and especially their parents were ready for 14. However, I’m really having a hard time with the fact that my mother just turned 60. Her birthday was on Monday and even though she truly doesn’t look over 50 she just turned 60. With her being 60 this means I’m right around the corner for 40.

She is doing everything she wants to do and loving her life so much so I don’t worry about losing her like she worried when her mom turned 60 but it is a reminder that life is moving with or without us. I’m in this game of life and loving it but sometimes I really wish it would slow down and I could re-enjoy some of the things I rushed through.

We are having her party next weekend and toasting my mother and all the wonderful things she has done and stands for is really a privilege for me. I have so many things to say about her and intend to get it all out. This will not be a time to rush but a time to sit and enjoy and celebrate a wonderful woman that has done so much for everyone around her.

The other big birthday this month is that my grandfather just turned 90 years old and he is still very happy and vibrant. He resides in Lincoln Nebraska; therefore, there was a party for him there. He had over a 100 people attended his party. I don’t know 100 people never mind that would come to a party for me. It says a lot about a person when so many people will join a celebration in their honor.

Unfortunately because my siblings and I live in Maine we did not attend but of course, my mother did since it is her father. She was amazed by the amount of love there and the fact that so many people did attend from far away. He was very happy to see everyone and sat right by the door to make sure he greeted everyone that came in to see him.

I have mentioned before that I have good genes in my family. My grandfather is 90 on my mother’s side and my grandmother is 97 on my father’s side. I hope a little of both of their genes rub off on me. Not that I believe that I will have a party with a 100 at 90 or 97 but I do think that living a life of honesty, kindness, generosity, and reaching out to others who need help makes for good karma. That karma will hopefully come back to me when I’m their age and need a little assistance myself.


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