My husband has niece and nephew twins that just celebrated their 14t birthday on Saturday. We are very close to this part of my husband’s family and since he is not only their uncle but Godfather these are kids that he has watched grow up and has a certain pride for them. It is hard to believe they just turned 14. Next comes high school and driving, not to mention college hunting and life experiencing.

When my husband and I met they were 5 years old with huge imaginations stuck in tiny little bodies but asked tons and tons of questions. My husband would tell them stories, just random stories he made up on the fly and they would be willing to sit with him for as long as his story took. I had never seen anything so cute in all my life. I knew the minute I saw him with those kids that he would be the father of my children. As life takes it turns and laughs in the face of our planning it didn’t turn out that way but I really enjoy watching him with them even now at age 14.

His youngest brother has a 3 year old and my husband and I are this little guy’s Godparents. I must say he enjoys this auntie because I always have fun stuff for him but he loves his uncle. They were also at the party on Saturday and this little guy could not get enough of my husband’s attention. I’m envious and in love every time I see this interaction. It almost makes me wonder what will happen when my nephew gets to be this age and will he gravitate to my husband. In the end he probably will because truth be told I could sit and listen to my husband’s random, made up stories for hours also. If the time comes that auntie is not the fun one anymore but the uncle is it will be OK by me. Kids at any age are so fun and drawn to people that interest them. Needless to say my husband is truly an interesting guy full of love.

On the flip side of him having a big family his nieces and nephews are having their own kids making him a Great Uncle. Time goes by quickly and once you blink years are beyond us.


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