I have been battling some swollen hands this week and when I woke up yesterday morning I was having some arthritic pain in my hands, knees and hips. I was somewhat worried since I was meeting my trainer at 5am and want to get the most out of my time with him. However, realizing that I had physical limitations was going to cause some issues for me during my session, though I thought. I was so wrong.

I walked into the gym and he could tell something was off but didn’t know what it was. When he asked what was happening I explained to him my fluid retention and how the swelling can cause some soreness in certain joints. I also explained that I was afraid of holding weights because I wasn’t sure if I would drop them or if my hand grip would give out before the exercises were done. He had a solution for me that was wonderful. We did a full body work out using just bands. We grabbed a light and medium weight band and started to work on all my muscle groups.

My heart rate would spike and lower just as it should. My body was able to perform the tasks to fatigue but not hurt and mentally I wasn’t worried about holding anything heavy in my hands. I got to concentrate on the work out and didn’t worry about my joints, muscles, hands, or disappointing myself or my trainer. Really how can you disappoint yourself when you are really working hard but not working to the point of hurting. I’m hooked on full body band work and love the way I feel during and after. Today I’m a little bit sore but nothing like I was last week after a full body weight work out.

My body needs Bikram this morning to loosen up and I’m tight on my right side but I feel really good. Last week I was sore for many days, this week we’ll see how I do. I’m encouraged by this whole process of the trainer and the fact that he understands my needs.

I have attached a website here for your review if you are interested in band work outs and what they entail as well as what types of bands to purchase and what types of exercises to do with the bands.


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