I woke up this morning still feeling very tired but worse woke up with extremely swollen hands and when they hold that much fluid they are achy. It is hard to make fists this morning. Also, due to the size of my hands I have hit them on counters, drawers, and even my bed a few times this morning causing a rush a pain in them.

This doesn’t happen to me often however it seems to happen during a season change usually between winter and spring. In the winter I think it is just too cold to hold all that fluid and as the weather gets warmer the fluid builds in my hands and fingers. Thankfully it is not in my feet.

It will make working and typing more difficult today but I will just need to type slower, take breaks and perhaps drink some dandelion tea which is a natural diuretic The green tea doesn’t work as a diuretic for me anymore only because my body has gotten use to it. The dandelion still offers me results from time to time. I’m hoping this is one of those times.

It is unfortunate that I won’t be able to get into the Bikram studio today as that would help with the fluid as well. Tuesday and Thursday are 2 days I find I don’t have a time to enter the studio. They are working on setting up 6am classes on those days very soon and that will allow me in there 7 days a week if I want to. As the weather turns warmer and I retain this fluid it will help being in the Bikram studio more often.

When this happens I try and watch what I eat closer so I don’t take in too much sugar or salt which can also result in retaining fluid. Easier said then done a lot of time but I am conscience of it and really try to stick to simpler foods. Fatigue and simple foods don’t really go hand in hand since when I’m fatigued like this I really don’t want to take the time to make some but would rather grab and go out of the pantry. This is exactly what I shouldn’t do and if I want to find the balance again I better not do. It all comes down to balance. The diet won’t help my hands completely but it certainly won’t hurt me either.


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