I woke up this morning and had hit a wall. I believe I have just been going and going and finally needed to stop and rest. My body did not want to get out of bed this morning as well as my mind was not waking up to function either. I struggled to get out of bed and headed to the Bikram studio but when I was done with my 90 minutes of yoga I knew I had nothing left to give.

I returned home to bed to rest. Sometimes even when I’m not in flare my body has given all it can and needs to stop and rest. Today is one of those days. I’m up and around and my mind is functioning again but my body really is lacking any energy needed to do simple things like make meals, empty the dishwasher or even read. I find some solace in writing and blogging and trying to make sense of the jumbled thoughts in my head. I am hoping to find some strength to read later since I’m really reading an interesting thriller. However, if I miss even a little of it I’ll be lost so I want my mind to clear and working well.

I enjoy quiet days of rest and relaxation and although being active works well for me too my body and mind enjoy my days off just as much. Hopefully tomorrow I will be right back to my energetic self and be able to do all the things I want but today is a day for sitting, resting, napping, reading, and just being calm.


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