Monday was another weight training session for me and I did it all on my own. I was glad I had his notes and just took my time. It felt good and although by the 3rd set I was getting tired I just thought of my trainer standing beside me saying “give me 3 more,” or “you can do it, push through for 2 more.”

Even the most motivated people need a little push now and then and he is my push. I have been keeping a journal of everything I do and eat and drink during the day. On Friday I’ll take that into him and see what he thinks. I even put on there that I had Lava Cake on Saturday night.

My husband out of the blue said he was in the mood for the dessert. Not in the mood to go out for dinner just go out for dessert. How can I deprive him of that? It was a flour less chocolate, on chocolate, topped with chocolate delightful goodie and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As long as I’m honest, write it down and discuss then I’m good to go. I don’t indulge all the time but from time to time we all need a little something fun and yummy. If that is the worst that is on my list for the week then I feel OK about it. Going forward I’ll be having my apple sauce or frozen mango chunks for my treats.

Back to my weight training, I didn’t have any weird pains in the night or twinges of flare. I also made sure to be very careful to take all my medications and slept really well. Yesterday I had a physical therapy appointment and worked any soreness out for me. Today I will do another session of weight training and see how I feel tomorrow.


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