I went to Bikram Saturday and Sunday morning and both days the class was pretty full. It has occurred to me that with summer coming places like Bikram studios and gyms are filling up fast again. There a few times a year when this happens and there is a rush to get into shape. In January when the holidays are over and everyone has made their New Year’s resolution to get in shape. This time of year people are thinking about bathing suits or cruises, summer, and getting that tank top and short ready body. The other time I notice a rush is before the holidays when people want to drop a few pounds before they gain them.

I don’t mind sharing the gym and the Bikram studio with newbies especially when the newbies stick around and take their health serious all year round. There comes a point when health is everything to us and we know that without it our quality of life will go downhill very fast.

There is a part of me that enjoys the quiet months when everyone is off doing something else or hibernating for the winter. I don’t have to rush to class and worry about not getting a spot or hurry to the gym for fear the machines are all taken. However, I’m very good at sharing and if new people want to come it is nice having a new energy in the room as well. This weekend was one of those high energy weekends where the mats were very close to each other and the focus had to be even greater. Once you lose focus and start realizing all the bodies around you the balance is gone, the control is gone and concentration is lost. They repeatedly tell you to focus just on yourself in the mirror and that is truly what you have to do.

When I came out of the Bikram studio on Saturday morning it was already 60 degrees and felt so good. I’m so glad spring is on the way and hope every weekend from here on out are glorious. Only the most dedicated yogis do Bikram in the hot weather because it gets even hotter in the studio and when you step outside there is no relief. Once the days are warm and summer like it will be empty again but I will always be there. I’m a yogi no matter what the temperature is and look forward to every practice.


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