I had a great training session with my new trainer. He is very knowledgeable and although he is not technically familiar with MCTD or other autoimmune diseases he is familiar with helping people who have fragile areas to work with and around. He spent about 20 minutes with me just going over my goals, what I was looking for from him and questions I had about health and fitness in general. I felt like he was really listening and would be able to help me strengthen my fragile areas. He asked what I was already doing and when I explained that I would do bicep curls but my elbows would start to hurt or over head presses and my shoulders would creek and bother me and wanted to try a new tactic.

He pulled out some bands. I have used bands in the past and actually prefer them to dumb bells but never really knew how to use them. We focused on my shoulders but the areas around the shoulder joint. I didn’t push anything up over my head but he had me doing external rotations, pitchers exercises, and reverse flies using the band. Also I was doing pushups and pull-ups using an adjustable bar so I wasn’t flat on the ground trying to muscle my way through a pushup. I got a good work out and will be able to see results as I’m getting stronger but we didn’t just push through with a grueling work out our first time together.

My favorite exercise was a swimmer using the band and that really used my back and arms but didn’t put unnecessary pressure on any joints. We did all upper body and I’ll do this routine 2 more times this week until I see him next Friday morning. He will also be giving me a full body work out so I can get the whole body working properly while doing the upper body routine during the week. I’m excited about the prospects of this relationship and the results I will see.

He is very pleased with the yoga work I do and wants to keep that in my schedule. We worked out a weekly schedule adding my yoga in first and my time with him, we found 2 more strength training days and worked cardio around that. He would like to see me doing more interval training as my legs, hips and knees can handle it. My heart rate on the whole while I’m doing cardio is great he thinks. It was nice to know I was doing things right and had areas to improve. My biggest area for improvement is making sure I eat 30 minutes after I leave the gym. That is really hard for me. I was doing nothing but thinking about how to get in my food and still it was an hour after my work out. I just have to get better at it and write it down. I find if I’m writing I’m more conscience of it.

My food choices are good and if I can remember that my post workout meals need to be a ratio of 3 grams protein to 1 gram carb. The sugar in a simple carb helps the protein hit the blood stream faster and the muscles can really absorb that protein quickly with the help of a little sugar. He gave me 2 really great choices which I’m doing now already, fruit smoothie using a scoop of whey protein and fruit. The whey protein hits the system quicker than a soy, rice, or casein protein. I already have a huge bag of whey protein at home and I throw in frozen fruit, spinach or other vegetables. The winter time is not the best time to drink smoothies for me though. The other and my real favorite is an egg with an egg white and an apple. The apple will help the egg protein hit my system quickly and the fiber in the apple is something I need daily anyways. I learned a few things today and looking forward to learning more next week.


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