I’m up earlier than normal this morning because my nerves are getting the better of me. I’m meeting with a new trainer this morning at 5am and very excited about it. This trainer runs the health and fitness department at USM here in Portland. I’m not just meeting with a young person fresh out of college or several years out waiting to push me to my limits and cause pain on my fragile body. This is someone I can really explain my situation to who will hopefully have some good advice me. I can actually tell him what my real goals are which isn’t losing weight and toning up for summer which is probably the response most trainers get. I’m going to let him know I need some hand strength, and need to strengthen my elbows and shoulders which are extremely fragile but we have to do it gently and I’m hoping with his experience he will understand. Perhaps he is even familiar with autoimmune diseases and will be able to put me on a program long term.

Perhaps there are foods I can eat after training that help with the healing process so my body doesn’t think it needs to flare to heal. I’m going to lay it all out for him and hoping to get a good feeling from him. I have had other trainers that thought I wasn’t progressing like I should but they didn’t understand the concept of this disease and what it can do to our muscles and joints.

I have had some good trainers too like my boxing trainer that really pushed me but knew when I was backing off I knew what I was doing. I really enjoyed our time together but I would periodically flare depending on the routine that I did and I’m hoping this time around I can train hard, recover correctly and stay flare-up free still. I have gone so long without a flare-up that I’m no longer waiting for one to happen and would really dread dealing with a flare at this point.

I have been asking other people at the gym that utilize him and they really enjoy their workouts. Each seems to think it is tailored for them and I’m hoping that is accurate because one size workout does not fit all. I would love to get in a routine of being able to train regularly and really start to build some strength in my upper body. It would just be nice to be able to take my own water bottle cap off. I don’t mind asking people for help and do it quite often when I need to use hand strength but I look forward to the days of wrapping my hands around a jar, bottle or anything and being able to have the strength to do it myself. It seems silly but when you barely register on the hand grip at the rheumatology office you realize that is another muscle that needs to be worked. I just never knew how and didn’t feel like asking my trainers in the past. This is a new experience and I’m ready to lay it out there, be honest, and see what happens. I’m excited about it.


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