For the past 4 years my mother, sister and sister-in-law participate in the Mother’s Day 5K for breast cancer.  It was something I had brought up to them and thought it would be fun to be with the women in my life one day doing something great for women.  As it turns out it was so much fun we have been doing it every year and this is our 5th year.  About this time I need to get my mom training.  My sister is a runner and keeps up with it all year long. My sister-in-law doesn’t really run but she pulls through for the race but my mom needs to start training about a month be the race.  We are at that month deadline.

            She is very nervous this year and having some foot problems.  She has bought and returned 3 pairs of shoes thus far. I’m hoping she finds some that work and we can start training her.  She does really well when she is feeling confident and healthy.  This year we may need to slow it way down the day of the race and meander but honestly I don’t care as long as the weather is nice and I’m out there with the women I love.

            I pull out the couch to 5k for her and if anyone is interested in starting to run and wants to do a 5k I highly recommend the couch to 5k program.  It is motivating and eases you into the running part.  A 5K equals 3.2 miles.   When you say it out loud it doesn’t seem that far but if you don’t train it can feel far.  Once you have a 5K under belt and you enjoy running you’ll probably sign up for all kinds of 5k runs.  In Maine we probably have 2 a month through the warm months.  As you progress and want to be challenged 10K races are hard but very rewarding.  I did my first 10K 2 years ago and I felt so accomplished.  As I crossed the finish line my husband and mother were there and they were so proud of me.

            I have done other road races as well and sometimes my entire family comes which I just love. The support you know is waiting for you when you cross keeps you going even when you are so tired you really don’t think your feet are going to take you one more step.  My next goal is a ½ marathon, when I’m not sure though and I’m really not putting any pressure on myself.  I’m just starting to get back into running and when you take several months off you literally are starting over.  I have to start over because I have to make my joints remember that pounding sensation that they don’t get on an elliptical or walking. I don’t get that kind of pounding even in a kick boxing or step class.  It is very different and I need conditioning to be able to keep up with running through the summer months.  I enjoy training for all kinds of things but this is my favorite based on the company I’m with when I do it.


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