Every once in a while I will get arthritic pain in my big toe, thumbs or elbows for no apparent reason. I can be doing an activity such as walking, typing or washing my hair or I can be doing nothing at all and it comes on. It has been several months since this has happened and in the past it was a sure sign that a flare was on the horizon.

The last time I can remember having this type of pain was in August while we were at the lake house. I remember it happening because my mother noticed I was walking funny and when I told her about it she mentioned I should keep my shoes on at all times other then sleeping. No bare feet or slippers and sure enough with in a day it had pasted but I also had the joint flare-up the next day.

This weird arthritic pain hit me on Saturday. I was at the gym on the treadmill when all of a sudden my big toe started to hurt. I knew what this meant and just focused on the weekend as normal keeping my shoes on the whole day. I went to Bikram on Sunday morning and there are 2 very specific toe poses where you are balancing on your tippy toes. The good thing is that each pose only lasts about 30 seconds, it didn’t feel good but if I’m going to sit out a pose I don’t want it to be a toe pose. Interestingly enough by Sunday evening the pain was gone. I didn’t know exactly what Monday was going to bring but as it turns out it brought nothing at all. I didn’t flare, the weird arthritic pain is gone and I’m still trudging forward.

I also get cramps but that pain is very different and very quick. It usually means I need some potassium or something and that happens in my hands and feet. It is very uncomfortable but only for a minute or two. This arthritic pain is different and I really have no idea why it happens. Perhaps like the cramps my body needs something but I haven’t been able to find out any information on this topic to know what it needs, nor have I read about this happening to others although it must. I cannot believe I would be the only one with out of the blue arthritic pain in joints such as toes, thumbs and elbows. I’ll be reading a magazine, article, or autoimmune type book and it will pop up out of no where and give me the answers I seek, it just might take some time.


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