I was talking to a friend of mine that was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was also diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes several years ago. I forgot that she was dealing with 2 autoimmune diseases because I think of her with diabetes only since the R.A is so new. However, we share the same rheumatologist so I’m not sure how I can forget that so easily. Anyway, during our conversation she mentioned her feet were hurting her so badly she was having real problems walking. I asked her which of her doctor’s will she call for that. She said her husband actually asked her the same thing and she honestly didn’t know. The foot pain could be linked to R.A or diabetes or just be a random pain that isn’t associated with either them. I honestly I don’t believe that, I think that when things get out of whack they are connected in some way to the autoimmune diseases. Random acts don’t really register with me but I’m not her.

It is really though to know who to call when things happen and go a wry. I have only seen my rheumatologist and Gynecologist until this year. I didn’t have a primary care doctor and now I realize I don’t want one either. I thought I was faced with random acts of sickness and maybe I was but seeing a family doctor at a walk in clinic was not the answer. Sure, my rheumatologist and Gynecologist send me to other specialists but the end result is I end up back with them. My Gynecologist is very aware of autoimmune diseases since she lives with R.A herself and understands the hormonal effect on MCTD as well as how easy it is to get out of balance.

When things go wrong and they will who should you call? Probably many people have several doctors they can choose from for answers and perhaps would get the same answer no matter which doctor they chose. I have learned my lesson and will continue to run everything through my 2 doctors, even cold and flu situations now too. Even if I get a cold again which I hope doesn’t happen for another 7 years my doctor will know how sensitive my system is and will probably treat the whole me not just the symptoms.

Back to my girlfriend she ended up calling her diabetes doctor who sent her to her rheumatologist At least she is in good hands and gets good information from her doctor’s but she has to be extra careful living with 2 diseases and not in the best shape but walking is a start if she can fix her feet.


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