Mother Nature pulled a nasty April Fool’s joke on us yesterday. She decided winter isn’t quite over and sent us 8” of snow yesterday. We had been hearing about it all week on the news so I shouldn’t be surprised but I was in denial and thought a little dusting might happen but a full winter’s storm was not what I was expecting.

I ended up leaving the house at 5am to attend my 6am Bikram class. Only to find out it had been canceled. First time all winter a class was canceled due to snow. Now I’m a hour from home and no Bikram. I have planned my fitness around my life and have a gym membership near my home and another gym membership near my work as well the Bikram membership that is also near my work. I always keep a pair of sneakers in my car and when I saw the studio was black and found out it was canceled I headed over to the gym.

Needless to say no one was out so I had the gym to myself when I got there and most of the schools in the area were closed as well as other business. It turned out I should have just stayed at home yesterday instead of driving into Portland but really who would have thought a winter storm would happen on April 1st. I won’t be in denial if they call for another storm but I’m really ready for Mother Nature to get out of her funk and give us a little spring like weather.

My fingers need a little spring like weather. They are so sore even with the procardia and Niacin. Even now it is difficult to type but with warmer weather hopefully on the horizon the Raynaud’s will settle down. On a positive note my knees and hips and other joints are marvelous. I’m about to start running again since I enjoy running outside but need to start inside on the treadmill first. I don’t do it all year. I just start about this time through the summer then take a break. Past winters my joints were taking it pretty hard and running can aggravate joint pain so I didn’t like pushing it in the winter months. I’m ready to be back outside and do all kinds of things again.


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