I woke up this morning feeling so rested. Finally, I had a great night’s sleep and many hours worth of it. It has been a while since I woke up feeling really well rested. Perhaps this is the first step to being back to myself and getting the high level of prednisone out of my body. I’m still round in the face and bloated but that too will come with time. It doesn’t take long for me to feel bad on higher levels but then again it doesn’t take me long to start feeling good again also.

Yesterday I started in the gym and I was the only one there for about ½ hour. Perhaps everyone is enjoying basketball or even better just sleeping in. After a quick workout on the elliptical I headed over to hot vinyasa. The studio was very inviting and beautiful. There are typically no mirrors in hot vinyasa classes so I just pick a spot regardless of who is around me since I don’t need to see myself. There were very few people there so I got my choice as to where to put my mat. I’m a front of the class type person and find if I’m in the back I’m missing out.

It isn’t very hot in there but warm enough to take the outside chill off. I left my jacket on for a while but once we got flowing through our sun salutations I was warming up and my jacket came off. When I started my hands were purple right down to my knuckles so once I warmed the pink came back. I know people notice, how can they not? If they don’t know about Raynaud’s it must seem really odd to them. I did much better with my upper body strength but still have work to do with it. I felt so good afterward and will be back there soon.

The rest of the day was enjoying our Maine Maple Sunday. It is the last Sunday of March when the maple syrup farms open up their business to the locals so we can buy fresh maple syrup, enjoy a pancake breakfast or indulge in maple ice, candy and other maple treats. We went in the afternoon since we didn’t have interest in the pancake breakfast and although I really wanted the ice cream it is just too cold. It is a nice way to bring locals together on a cold March day. You need your boots because the mud is ankle high but you are on a farm after all. All in all I got in 13,512 steps yesterday.


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