Yesterday I had a whole day planned for getting stuff done around the house and running a bunch of errands. Once I got home from Bikram I decided to just rethink all that and take it easy instead. The Bikram helped with my stiffness so I felt great when I got home but I was at a high level of fatigue and didn’t want to push it. Instead I spent some time in the kitchen. I took my time and really didn’t see this is a chore but more of a therapy.

I’m making a soup today for a late afternoon dinner and therefore wanted fresh bread. I made my bread yesterday and it smelled so good. I also made hermits which I have posted about before and they are just incredible. You have to like clove to enjoy a good hermit. My favorite is a cup of tea and hermit or 2 maybe even 3!

Being in the kitchen when you aren’t rushed and have no where to go really just feels good sometimes. I got a couple of meals done for the week and just had a relaxing day. Ever notice how when you are cooking the time just flies by? It was evening before I knew it and we were getting ready to sit down to a nice a dinner and a movie and bam another day gone. I don’t know where the time goes but it goes by quickly.

Yesterday I was able to get in 12,962 steps and honestly looking forward to end of this challenge. I like the focus but I’m ready to focus on something different now. I am trying a new hot vinyasa studio this morning after I get in a quick work out at the gym. I like trying new studios and new instructors although the vinyasa is probably the same every experience is different.


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