I started my day at the gym with a long work out. I was heading to the Rheumatologist first thing in the morning and since I was nervous about the information I was due to receive I just needed to burn some steam so I had already hit my 12k before I left there yesterday.

I proceed to the doctor’s office and they saw me at 8am which is unheard of but since they were squeezing me in I guess it made more sense to start a little earlier. As my doctor walked in he looked pleased. I couldn’t tell if that was just his morning personality or was he really going to give me good news. As it turns out it was good news for me. My disease has not progressed and I have not overlapped into the Lupus category. My body was met with some turmoil and taking the antibiotic just set things into motion that my body didn’t know how to react to. I will be back to my normal self in no time now and since I was looking so much better to him today we are dropping my prednisone yet again. I love being on the decrease.

My blood work came back normal except for being anemic and I’ll take an iron supplement for that since I don’t get enough in my beets and spinach. I can also increase the amount my body holds on to by having vitamin C with my iron. All I really need is a big spinach and beet salad tossed with mandarin oranges. Actually we did talk about my food and I do have to start with a supplement just to get it back up to a normal level then I can watch it and try to keep it level with food. I have written many times I would much rather deal with situations and keep medications as a last resort as well my doctor knows this and believes it too so if he thinks I need a medication then I do. It is a short term solution to a potentially long term problem.

Once I get my level back to normal he also believes a lot of this fatigue and lack of energy will go away as well. It might be hard to believe I’m dealing with fatigue and lack of energy if you have been reading my challenge but truth is I’m at a high level of fatigue. I honestly thought it was because I haven’t been sleeping well for quite a while and I don’t usually have problems with sleep. I still believe that but I’ll get some good sleep now that I’m decreasing again and pop some iron and we’ll see how I feel in a few days.

I never thought I would feel so relieved to just hear him say my disease hasn’t changed. There is no cure so I’m not grasping at miracles but being told things are the same actually is comforting. In fact, I find this to be even more encouraging because I’m not having regular flare-ups and joint pain. He is totally amazed by that but doesn’t believe I shouldn’t expect anything different at this point. This is a new chapter in my life and a new base line that I can rely on.

I rambled a lot here but I have a lot on my mind. The last thing I want to mention is that I was highly concerned about my blood pressure when I was in there last week it was registering 150/90. That is way too high for me. Today I was at my normal 120/70 that was a relief. At least I know when I’m in stress and my body is in turmoil I can fluctuate a lot and just need to remember it will lower.


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