I woke up this morning and my rash is completely gone. I am reducing prednisone and things are starting to look up. My Raynaud’s is still very severe and starting to form sores around my pointer fingers but with time that will heal too. My friends and family are noticing that I’m feeling better and hopefully after tomorrow I’ll have good news from the doctor and a new game plan.

I’m 2 weeks into this challenge with 1 week left to go. I think I have found my rhythm and feeling good about my progress, I got in 11090 steps yesterday. Just missed the mark but all in all pretty good. The calendar says spring however we are getting snow so the hot Bikram studio is just the place to be. I’m also contemplating going back to my personal trainer now that I’m feeling stronger and perhaps over the next few weeks I will have gained back all my strength I had lost over the last several weeks. I haven’t really attempted weight training because I did tell my doctor that I would wait and see what he had to say on Wed before I started training again and I hope he gives me the go ahead to resume a completely normal life as long as I’m up for it.

I’m ready to sleep again since most mornings I’m waking up completely exhausted because I can’t sleep at night. Again, in the coming days I hope that changes as well, especially since I’m decreasing the prednisone. My heart just races at nice but during the day I can barely keep my eyes open while I’m having hot flashes. It is such a weird feeling and really messes with my psyche. One of my co-workers also has an autoimmune disease and really understands the effects of prednisone on the body. She was very kind to me yesterday and just talked me through it. Not that she was telling me anything I don’t already know it is just nice to have someone to commiserate with. We don’t share the same disease but we do share the common trials and tribulations of having an autoimmune and what it does to our families, friends, co-workers and ourselves.


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