Yesterday was a relaxing day in which I spent time with my baby nephew and had a great time. He was just what I needed. I was so relaxed around him and he put me in a fun loving mood. He warms my heart and puts life into perspective.

My rash is just about gone and the itching was non-existent yesterday. I dropped down to 15mg of prednisone yesterday and will stay there for about 4 days and drop again. I’m hoping as I keep dropping I’ll feel back to normal again. I’m ready to sleep and ready for my heart rate to normalize. One step at a time for all things so I need to get my skin under control, lower back to normal dose of prednisone, and get back to feeling like I’m at my base-line. I am patiently waiting for that time.

I logged 20,312 steps yesterday but today I’m going back into the Bikram studio. I’m ready to get sweaty and hot and find my flexibility and balance again. I don’t know what this will do to my steps but I’ll find out quickly. My fellow yogis won’t mind my skin irritation but at least it doesn’t look nearly as bad as it did. They will not be judgmental and hopefully the heat will not irritate any more but I’ll soon find out.


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