Yesterday was another incredible day and quite frankly I could really get use this lounging. It was 67 degrees here in Portland Maine and although many of you are probably experiencing that spring like weather already this is really a treat for us. We headed out in our turtlenecks and jackets and by the end of the day really wished we hadn’t worn those turtlenecks. Today we go back to seasonable temps so I’m glad we had it when we did and I’m extremely glad we weren’t sitting in offices working while this beautiful weather was happening.

I have a lot of pent up energy with the increased dose of prednisone, my heart is constantly racing and my body is running at a really high temperature. Honestly I feel hot standing in front of the refrigerator. This is only temporary and I get to decrease today but what I’m really missing is sleep. I just have too much unused energy for any sleeping. It does make it easier to get steps in when you are literally bouncing off the walls. Yesterday I logged 20,685 steps. My husband understands how I feel and just lets me go and he follows at a good clip with me. There really isn’t a leisurely pace with me when I’m pumped up on steroids.

It also isn’t a such a great idea to try and shop when you feel like this because shopping can be very therapeutic but honestly there isn’t enough consumer goods to really make a difference. I did end up buying an entire living room set which we need and which I love. We have been looking for nearly a year now for the perfect furniture and design for our living room. Yesterday I found it. That makes even this tired, hot, cranky, bloated woman feel good.

Today is a play date with my nephew and my focus is to keep my attitude in check. I can be set off pretty easy right now and babies are so unpredictable but my hope is that instead of being irritable and impatient I’ll actually be relaxed, content and satisfied in the presences of my little prince.


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