I’m apologizing ahead of time for my random thoughts but I need to get my thoughts out. Everyday I change my mind and re-evaluate where I am. For instance just yesterday I wrote I would lay off Bikram but today I really think that is a bad idea. My body is holding so much extra fluid. My ankles, calves and feet are so swollen they hurt to walk. My skin is so tight if feels like it is ripping and on top of all that my skin is itching like crazy. I have resorted to vinegar compresses.

I’m really thinking that getting into the Bikram studio will help relieve this extra fluid and at least make me feel a little bit better and move around a little more easily. I do run the risk of agitating my rash but let’s be honest it is agitated. Everything they have suggested isn’t working, I don’t think they even know really what is causing this. What was assumed an allergic reaction has taken on a mind of its own. I am waiting to see if I can get into my Rheumatologist, I think it is time someone looked at the whole me and who better then my Rheumatologist.

I did get in to see my Rheumatologist yesterday and here is the deal. They cannot tell by looking at my rash if this viral, autoimmune related or allergy therefore they did a biopsy and I should have the results back in a few days. Either way the treatment is the same which is 20mg of prednisone. I can’t say as though I’m surprised by this but it certainly doesn’t make me happy either. I always resist increasing my prednisone but in this case I have not choice. It is only a few days and then I can start to decrease again. My body does not react well to increased levels of prednisone but it also isn’t reacting well to the rash. I choose the lesser of 2 evils, I hope I have chosen correctly. He did say that I could start back at Bikram next week when my biopsy sight was healed. That might be exactly what my mind, body and spirit needs.

My blood pressure was very high but I’m holding so much fluid that they believe once the fluid is released it will go back to normal. I must admit I didn’t know fluid retention caused a spike in blood pressure but it does make sense and has made me more aware for future spikes.

Yesterday was a tough day and only logged 9,956 steps. The day was full of chaos but I’ll get back into the swing of things.


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