I said earlier in a blog that my goal was to get in 3 Bikram classes this week only I learned I am probably making my rash worse with the heavy sweating. In reality it would be better if I didn’t do any sweating but then I’m going right back into the no exercise, feeling crummy, and not relieving any stress again. A compromise is always needed. No Bikram and a workout hard once a day when I can shower immediately afterward. That means I will need to put in as much time in the mornings as possible and try to keep up with my step challenge.

The time change is making it difficult to get up early but so be it. Tired, rashy, and fed up are the 3 major feelings I have right now. I’m not down honestly, this time I really don’t feel broken. I do feel a little bit angry and I would really like a break from body chaos but at the same time can I really be angry about things I can’t control? I feel like I cannot control if I’m allergic to medications or if my body takes longer to heal. I am in control of not going to Bikram to help the situation. I find it interesting that rashes are just another form of inflammation and it happens to be inflammation of the skin but Bikram which relieves other inflammation for me isn’t helping in the skin inflammation area. Our bodies of full of toxins and Bikram is suppose to release those toxins which it probably is causing my skin to respond with the high level of inflammation in the form of a rash. I really do all I can to co-operate with my doctors but I really wish they could figure this one out and quick.

I logged 12057 Steps for the day. Not bad, not great, I did meet the challenge. I’ll just have to keep finding ways to keep moving and earning my steps for the rest of this challenge.

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