“The baby whisperer” is a title I take great pride in and embrace whole heartily. Perhaps I have always had a calm side and just didn’t utilize it or perhaps yoga has helped me develop a calm inner peace. My family thinks they are being funny but I think it is wonderful when my nephew is fussy and they pass him to me for comfort. I wrap my arms around his little body and hold him close to my chest and rub his little arm or hand until he finds his thumb and settles in. He is usually fussy when he is tired, (who isn’t right?) It doesn’t take much for him to find that settled moment and close his eyes. Do I feel honored that I can put him at ease like that? Of course I do. There is no better moment than knowing your aura is rubbing off of someone else and taking them to a better, quieter, more peaceful place.

I cherish these moments and part of me wishes for his little cries and fussiness so I get to perform my magic. Is my mother envious beyond words? Oh yeah, like the color of pea soup. My mother has her own inner peace and can be very calm but she is also the playful type and when he is in her arms she wants to play. I can’t blame her for that. There is no one this baby loves more than his mom and dad and it is so obvious and exactly how life should be. I’m just glad I get to play the part of the peaceful aunt who is already dying to take him out snowshoeing, hiking, walking, or anything else to show him how incredible this world is and how it increased in beauty with his arrival.


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