While I was working out this weekend I was thinking that I do my best when I challenge myself. Typically my challenges are meant to really push me physically or mentally but I think this one is geared more towards getting me back to base-line and back to focusing on my current self, and not so much focus on all the other things that have gone on this past month.

My new fitness challenge is to get in 12,000 steps every day for 21 days. Even on days when I go to Bikram, or have Physical Therapy and mostly on the days when I’m just exhausted and feeling a little bit sorry for myself. I’ll have to figure it out and push through to make sure I’m logging 12k steps. I’ll use the fitbit since it is the most accurate pedometer I have and it will start the moment I’m out of bed and will go until I am getting ready for bed. I’m not really worried about hitting 12k steps on the days when I have time to go to the gym and will probably find I’m logging many more steps then 12k but the days when it is harder to work out are the days I need the steps even more.

I chose 21 days because I read that if you do anything consistently for 21 days it then becomes a habit. Simply moving around or full blown exercise is a habit I truly enjoy and did so without thought. Now I analyze how I feel every day to determine what I’ll do, when I’ll do it and how long I think I can do it. This challenge takes the focus off of exercise and just makes me get up and move. I will blog how many steps I did the previous day so it will be a full cycle of steps and hopefully I won’t let myself down.

My hope is this challenge will help me in a few ways. I need an out let for stress both from work and my daily anguish about myself and my health. This challenge will push me to get up from desk and walk around instead of sitting there all day. It will also make me aware of days I feel really good and days I don’t. On the days I don’t I’ll have to work that much harder but my hope is at the end of this challenge I’ll be feeling like myself and will have developed the habit for exercise again.


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