Yesterday I was feeling pretty strong so I headed up to the gym for one of my long workouts. I have been struggling with the elliptical machine but the only way to get back to where I was is just push through. Thankfully a woman who I know is very competitive jumped on the machine right next to me and sure enough the friendly competitor in me surfaced and together we were on our machines for 45 minutes. I now know her limit is 45 but I know I will be able to go further soon. Back to current, after 45 minutes I was really done but the point is I did it and I know I’ll be back to riding that machine for as long as I want in no time.

After the elliptical I walked on the treadmill with interval speeds and inclines for 60 minutes. I must admit I was feeling pretty full of myself so I went for some weight training also. OK, that didn’t go as well because after a month my muscles are way weak. Again, I have to start somewhere so I did the best I could and headed to the sauna for some heat therapy. All in all it felt so good to be up there and giving it all I had for a long period of time.

I actually feel good this morning although soreness from weight training usually comes after 48 hours for me so I’ll be sore tomorrow. In the mean time I’m heading back to the gym today probably not for as hard of a workout but a workout none the less. I won’t use sauna therapy today only because heat really isn’t the best thing for my rash and although I have almost taken an entire box of benadryl I’m still battling the freakish thing. They say don’t worry it can take several weeks. If only that would be gone I really do feel like I would be myself completely. Although yesterday felt like the old me in so many ways.

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