After my 3am blog yesterday I decided to get dressed and head up to the gym. I actually had a decent work and felt pretty good all day so I walked at lunch time. I have to admit it wasn’t much but it sure felt good. It is a small step but a step none the less and I was able to feel like things were going back to normal.

I’m on my way to Bikram this morning and hoping for a decent practice. I don’t have any crazy meds in my right now. Well nothing other than my daily crazy meds for MCTD but those don’t effect my balance or make me feel sick. Therefore, I have high hopes for this morning. The tough thing will be that I will be doing Bikram in long pants and a long sleeved shirt. They will be quick dry clothing but I’m not ready to bare my freakish body to the whole studio. I’m hoping in a few days it will start to fade and I won’t have to worry about it but right now I’m self-conscious.

My desperation has taken over and pushed me to just get back to normal. My body has to get stronger cardiovascular wise but all I have is time to get my strength back. The most important thing is that I’m working to get stronger and I’m ready for the challenge. I’m trudging forward hopefully illness free for the rest of the year and even perhaps flare-up free. Is that asking too much? I think not!


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