I had my P.T appointment and felt re-energized thinking that the madness was going to be behind me. However, it seems my allergic reaction is getting worse and causing concern. The only problem is that we really have to wait 2 weeks until the antibiotic is completely out of my system before we can determine what to do next. Their hope is that in 2 weeks this will gone. Oh sure anything can happen in 2 weeks time, it is the waiting for the 2 weeks that is killing me. I’m covered from neck to feet in a freakish right out of a science movie rash and they say wait 2 weeks.

I don’t know if I should get back to normal or continue in self preservation mode at this point. This could be a wacky type of flare-up saying enough is enough. I don’t know, they don’t, and no one seems to know. In the mean time I’m trying to get a normal routine down but it isn’t working so well. Starting tomorrow I just need to proceed as though nothing is going on and I’m not worried and frustrated and just do my normal stuff.

My biggest fear is hitting a wall and going into a high level of fatigue and if I try to exercise and do my normal routine my body is just going to shut down and just keep rebelling. My hope for the last month was that by taking it easy and not doing much I would feel better. And yet I just find something else that affects me. As of tomorrow I’m trying the route of just doing my normal routine and see what happens. At this point I’m not sure that it can hurt and it might also help with my stress levels. Stress is huge trigger for all kinds of stuff and I’m really stressed right now. Typically I use exercise as my out let for stress and I haven’t been using it.

At the doctor’s office my blood pressure was still high, they are not worrying about it right now because of everything else but it is in the back of mind why all of sudden it has spiked and is staying high. I’m making consciences efforts to not eat high sodium foods and once I can start exercising again hopefully that will drop also. I’m ready to get back to normal tomorrow.


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