I survived the yesterday without a flare-up and thankfully my MCTD sore throat is gone, the neck stiffness is gone and I feel back to the way I was before. I am also thrilled to announce that I have gone 100 days without a flare-up. Between being sick with all kinds of other things I’m not back to base-line but I am flare-up free. I realize I cannot take this time for granted and still need to be in self preservation mode for a little longer to ensure my body holds up. I actually slept last night and woke up well rested therefore I’m hoping my high level of fatigue will decrease as the days go on and I will start to feel stronger. My goal is to work on gaining back strength in the month of March and it truly might take me a whole month.

My other goal is to try and be illness free for the rest winter. Since we are expecting winter for many more weeks to come my focus has to be strong to keep myself healthy. How is this even possible in an environment where everyone you come in contact with is sick? Good question, I haven’t exactly figured that part out yet but my husband keeps saying, “don’t touch your face and wash your hands when you can” good advice.


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