I don’t want to jinx myself but I think it is important to write about my experiences. Since I have been able to go so long without a flare-up I have also noticed that my Raynaud’s isn’t as bad as it has been in the past. I use to get Raynaud’s just climbing out of bed and having the slight temperature change was enough to send my fingers in a state of purple.

I was taking Niacin daily to help with the Raynaud’s but it has been a few weeks now I haven’t had any Niacin. I was contributing some of my decrease of Raynaud’s to the fact that I was sick and not leaving the house. My house was nice and warm and I was in bed quite a bit, not to mention I was so sick if I did have Raynaud’s I probably didn’t notice. However, now I’m back to a semi-normal life and being outside and have noticed I’m not getting Raynaud’s nearly as much as before. I don’t know what to contribute this success to other than maybe my body is just pretty healthy right now and a mixture of flare-up and decreased Raynaud’s is going hand in hand.

I am realistic of course and I’m assuming if my body goes into flare the rest of the symptoms including Raynaud’s will come back also. Until that happens I’m enjoying winter with the use of my hands and feet and certainly like seeing a bit of pink in my finger tips.


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