I had a quick trip to Toronto that went well. The flight was easy and since I was only gone a couple of days it made it much less stressful on my body. I’m still suffering with my throat issues and waiting patiently for the antibiotic to kick in so the pain at least goes away. I did exhaust myself and looking forward to some good rest, but honestly my body is holding up like a dream. I have gone 96 days without a flare-up and even with the flying my body did not experience any stiffness or soreness.

I’m due for a rheumatology appointment soon and it will be interest to see what he says about this change in my body and what he contributes it to if anything at all. Also, I’m curious to see how the blood work looks and if my inflammation has decreased at all. I’m very interested to see the changes I’m going through but won’t be disappointed if this is just a fluke and everything remains the same. I still feel great about the success. Looking forward to my next trip in the coming the weeks and hope I continue to have success.

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